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Ceramics Products for the Oil and Gas Industry

High Temperature Products:


Thermocouple Sheeths, Crucibles and other labware

Turnkey Assignments:

Turnkey Assignments for custom fabrication of furnaces

Turnkey Assignments for Acid-Proof Lining Turnkeys of Platforms, Storage Tanks and

Work Floors

Turnkey Assignments for Pipeline Fabrication and Installation

Chemical Ceramics:

Catalytic Bed Support: BCPL-99 High Alumina Support Balls

Catalytic Bed Support: AluminoSilicate Support Balls

Heat Retention Balls: Low Alumina

Wear Resistant Parts: High Purity Alumina / Tungsten Carbide / Silicon Carbide:


Mechanical and Chemical Seals

Chemical Pump Bearings, Sleeves and Pistons

Erosion and Corrosion Resistant tubes

Yttria Stabilized Zirconia: Structural Ceramics such as high pressure lines, pistons

Erosion and Corrosion Resistant Ceramic Coatings for valves and shafts

Special Custom Design Parts:

The materials, the product, the processes do not define our core competence. Our core

ability is the ability to customize and innovate. With the backing of the solid experience of our

product development team, we are in a position to manufacture products as per our customer’s

pricing and technical requirements. For us, component geometry is not a restriction


Contact us today for your special requirements.


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