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BCPL Heat Retention Spheres: Specifications


Standard Sizes: 60mmΦ and 100mmΦ.

Bulk Density:

60mmΦ : 125 pcs/cu.ft

100mmΦ : 27 pcs/cu.ft


Chemical Analysis:

Al2O3 : 41-44%

SiO2 : 54-57%

Fe2O3 +TiO2 : Less than 1.5%

Others : Less than 1%


Important Note:

Please note that the above results are from test samples and should be used only for guidance. This chart is intended to illustrate typical properties of advanced ceramic materials available from M/S Bhise Ceramics Pvt. Ltd. The buyer should recognize that exact properties may vary according to product configuration and may sometimes be tailored to meet specific requirements. The information set forth herein is offered for comparison only, and is not to be construed as absolute engineering data or constituting a warranty or representation for which M/S Bhise Ceramics Pvt. Ltd assumes legal responsibility.


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