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Acid Proof Primer Coat

BCPL PRIMER-a bitumen based liquid is primarily used for application over the concrete surfaces, so as to bind the loose particles and to render the surface on which it is applied, neutral. BCPL PRIMER contains volatile, toxic solvent and as such, should be kept away from sparks and flames.

Concrete finished surface requirements:
The concrete surface requiring BCPL Primer application must be hard, bone dry, free from loose particles, surface cracks, dirt, oil greases and be protected from moisture or wet conditions. The cast concrete surface should be finished with a clean cement-sand finish, such as is obtained from 1: 3 cement sand mix. (Sand face plastered type) and must be free from ridges, depression, low spots or unevenness of the concrete.

Application Of BCPL Primer:
The method of application of BCPL Primer is very simple. It is applied by means of either brush or can also be sprayed if desired or required. After the concrete surface is inspected and found to be free from cracks and defects of any kind, BCPL Primer is applied as indicated above either with brush or with spray. The Primed surface is then allowed to dry until tack free, which under normal conditions, will take approximately 6 to 8 hours depending upon the temperature at the site of application. Drying time of BCPL Primer is dependant upon the temperature and if the temperature is below 70F more than 6 to 8 hours are required. In case of higher temperature, BCPL Primer can become tack free in a short time. BCPL Primer should never be applied over wet or moist concrete as it will not adhere to wet concrete surface or it will loose its adhesion.

Covering Capacity:
BCPL Primer when applied over 10 sq.m slightly rough plastered concrete surface or on prepared M. S. Surface, 10 liters of Primer will be required for two coats application.

BCPL Primer is supplied in 20 liters leak proof M. S. Galvanized Drums, 200 litres M. S. Drums can also be supplied, if required.

In unopened original containers, BCPL Primer can be stored indefinitely, when kept in a cool place. Avoid direct sunlight and keep the material away from sparks and flames.


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