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Acid Proof Mastic Mortar

BCPL Acid Resisting Mastic Compound is an Asphaltic Type compound, blended with High Grade Bitumen and is principally used in corrosion proof construction of floors or tanks. It is used as a impervious, resilient interliner between the concrete sub-base and acidproof brick work construction.

BCPL MASTIC COMPOUND is only applied over the dry concrete primed surface, to minimum thickness of 6 mm. or 12 mm. Acid Resisting brick sheathing is always required for the protection of the BCPL MASTIC COMPOUND interliner of 6 mm or 12 mm.

It is normally applied in two or three operations, each coat approximately 4 mm. thick giving a final thickness of approximately 12 mm.

The surface on which BCPL MASTIC COMPOUND is to be applied, should be warm, absolutely dry and free of all loose particles. The surface should initially be primed with BCPL Primer as per the instructions contained in 'Application of BCPL Primer' in technical literature on BCPL Primer. The Primer should be tack free, prior to application of BCPL MASTIC COMPOUND.

BCPL MASTIC COMPOUND being a solid mass should be broken into fairly small pieces. These should be put into a tar or Asphalt Boiler and heated upto to a temperature of 260-300F. At this temperature it is hot enough to flow like liquid. During the process of heating, the molten mass should be kept in motion, as otherwise it is liable to burn.

BCPL MASTIC COMPOUND is applied by pouring and smoothening each layer by trowelling on the horizontal surfaces, however, for vertical concrete or M. S. Surface, application is carried out by a square trowel. BCPL MASTIC COMPOUND is normally applied in two or three different coats, each coat approximately 4 mm. thick giving a minimum thickness of 12 mm. Each coat of BCPL MASTIC COMPOUND must be inspected for blisters resulting due to air entrapment or pin holes after each application. The blisters should be punctured and sealed and pinholes must be filled with molten material, prior to further application.



Quantity required for covering 10 sq.mtr Area

BCPL Primer

10 Litres

BCPL Mastic Compound

150 kilos

BCPL MASTIC COMPOUND is supplied in the form of Ingots, each weighing approximately 20 to 25 Kilos.

BCPLs Acid Resisting Mastic Compound is supplied in the form of ingots and as such the shelf life of the same is unlimited. Mastic ingots should be stored in cool place and same should be kept away from sparks and flames.


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