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Ceramics Insulators


Resistor Cores and Resistor Casings:

Bhise Ceramics has been the pioneer in this field since the early days of the wire wound resistor

industry. Our high quality, stringent adherence to the delivery schedules and ability to process

diverse materials of any customized size gives us a distinctive competitive edge. These are

available in electrical grade porcelain. While there are certain standard sizes, we also offer

custom products to suit the manufacturers of precision resistors.


Insulators of Ignitors/Ignition Electrodes:

The ignition of oil/gas fired burners, is achieved by a spark generated between a pair

of high voltage insulated electrodes placed near their burners. 

For this specialized application, we have developed high Alumina insulators. These are typically

made from 95% Alumina to 99.7% Alumina. Their excellent mechanical and dielectric strength

increase their operational safety. We can also provide insulators with metal inserts or insulators

with metallized coatings for easy soldering. A low voltage version is available in Magnesium

Silicate (commonly known as Steatite).


High Rupture Capacity Fuses:

These are typically made of Magnesium Silicate (commonly known as Steatite). They are

characterized by their high rupture strength and dense body.


Customized Insulators in Steatite, Cordierite and Alumina:

These are probably the products that set us apart in the industry. We have the ability to deal in

highly customized products of intricate shapes. Our abilities to machine allow us to maintain

tolerances of 0.0001" on certain geometries. Our manufacturing process include uniaxial

 pressing, injection molding, casting, extrusion and iso-static pressing. Whatever the shape or

size may be, if you can draw it, we can make it for you!


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